Conference Proceedings
Conference Report
The conference final report is available for download here: CSCC Report (780kb, PDF format).
PowerPoint presentations from the CSCC conference are available from the PowerPoint downloads page.
Audio Recordings
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Wednesday, November 1
7:00 pm   Welcoming Reception - formal welcomes and introduction of participants; Labrador cultural night
Thursday, November 2
8:30 am   Revew conference objectives and process:
Kaspar Lytthans - NORA
Rob Greenwood - Harris Centre
8:45 am Keynote speaker: Building Creative Communities - Setting the Scene: Dr. Larry Felt
9:15 am   Plenary panel on four tracks:
Fishery - Helgi Por Thorarensen
Tourism - John Hull
Out (In) Migration - Mark Shrimpton
Public Services - Hjalti Por Vignisson
Question & answer period
10:30 am   Break
11:00 am   Break-out groups on four tracks. Questions: Best examples of successful approaches? What are the biggest challenges?
Noon   Lunch - Networking
1:00 pm   Reports from break-out groups:
Out (In) Migration
Public Services
1:45 pm Identification of cross-theme issues
3:00 pm   Break
3:15 pm   Four break-out groups on cross-theme issues
4:30 pm   Reports from break-out groups (cross-theme issues):
Resource Depletion
Local Control
5:00 pm Day 1 Summaries
7:00 pm   Dinner aboard the MV Apollo with entertainment by Daniel Payne
Friday, November 3
8:30 am Facilitators introduction
9:00 am Keynote speaker: North Atlantic Innovative Projects: Skuli Skulason
  Keynote question & answer period
9:45 am   New creative approaches/new ideas - four panelists:
Gilbert Linstead
Sheila Downer & Doug Robbins
Karl Benediktsson
Brit Kramvig
10:30 am   Break
11:00 am   New creative approaches: Break-out groups
Noon Lunch - address by Minister John Hickey
1:00 pm Reports from break-out groups (new creative approaches)
2:00 pm Keynote speaker: Potential of Cooperation: Jorgen Amdam
  Keynote question & answer period
2:45 pm   Taking new ideas to action: panel with one representative from each country:
Anna Kristin Gunnarsdottir - Iceland
Sigvald Hansen - Norway
Kenneth Hoegh - Greenland
Kjartan Dalsgaard - Faroe Islands
Dave Lough - Canada
4:00 pm Final recommendations & remarks

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