Energy from the Edge Conference
12th-15th September 2007, Shetland Islands
"Energy from the Edge: Opportunities for Cooperation Around the North Atlantic Rim" is being hosted by Shetland Islands Council and organised in partnership with the North Atlantic Forum (NAF), North Atlantic Cooperation (NORA) and the International Society for the Study of Marginal Regions (ISSMR)

This event will bring together "energetic" representatives from "remote" communities around the Nordic and North Atlantic Rim. The pupose of doing so is to discuss some of the key issues faced by our geographically challenged regions and outline solutions from and for communities at the edge of the
periphery. The key themes of this conference will be

  • Large Scale Resource Development in Remote Communities
  • Labour Market Mobility
  • Prosperity through Identity and
  • Governance

The potential for more use of Sustainable Energy will also be a predominant theme as the findings of a Nordic Council Task Force Symposium (held in Shetland between the 10th-12th of September) will be fed back to all participants.

More information on this Energy from the Edge Conference will be uploaded on the official website soon - Please bookmark this website address and if you sign up, you'll be informed once the site is updated/changed.

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